Sponsor highlight... The Center for Spine Care + Mobility.

A little while back the Star Track elite team had the great opportunity to visit the Center for Spine Care + Mobility located in downtown Manhattan.

Our riders met with the staff of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, medical staff and were treated to the full CSC+M treatment to gain achieve recovery and rehabilitation techniques for optimal performance.

In what turned out to be an incredible experience, Dr. Anselmi uses techniques called “Functional Movement Screen” and “Selective Functional Movement Assessment.”

These are types of analysis especially valuable to cyclists, which tend to over use the quadriceps muscle group, and under utilize the gluteal muscle group. 

This imbalance can wreak havoc on the hips and lower back pain… sound familiar?

Post analysis, the CSC+M staff went to work and performed massage, physical therapy, chiropractic techniques and “Active Release Techniques” (ART) an athletes dream come true.

ART is an innovative soft tissue treatment used commonly with athletes which helps restore balance to your muscular system and aids in recovery… it worked wonders.

Thank you Dr. Anselmi and the Staff at CSC+M… your help and physical therapy helped us prepare in full force for track nationals! We look forward to visiting soon for some much needed post season recovery therapy.

To book an appointment at CSC+M head over to their website cscmgroup.com or call 212-475-8104.

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