Bicycle Diaries: A day in the life of Billy Taylor.

Star Track is proud to share a new day in the life of series, a diary of sorts via the perspective of our Star Track riders and their adventures as junior racers.

Enjoy and tune in for our new day in the life of series, "Bicycle Diaries".

This is the Bicycle Diary of Billy Taylor (age 15).


Talent ID camp.

I just got back from USAC Talent ID camp which was held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. I was there for five days with around 20 other riders in my age group. It was a great experience. All of the riders got along really well, and we learned a lot.


The food at the Olympic Training Center was awesome and I now have a good reason to work hard to get back there, unlimited good food. The camp was at a pretty high altitude so it made it harder to breath but overall I had some good rides, I was happy with my training and it was a great experience.

I came back on Sunday, then on Tuesday I drove with my family to South Carolina to ride at the Hincapie Gran Fondo. I am doing the 80 mile Gran Fondo this Saturday. Today I got to go on a recon of part of the course with a great group of riders. Besides George Hincapie, there were at least three other former professional riders. Christian Van de Velde, Erik Zabel, and Bobby Julich. It was a great ride in the hills of South Carolina. We rode around 55 miles today.

This is really great training for me because recently I was lucky enough to be selected to ride at the Revolution Series in the UK over the next few months. The Revolution Series is a three part track racing series that takes place in London, Glasgow, and Manchester. A lot of great professional track riders race there and i'm very proud to say that I will be in the “Future Stars” Group.


The events will be televised on Eurosport TV, but I think they use the Future Star races to run the commercials, so you probably can’t see me race... but I'm still really excited. My Teammates Dominic Suozzi and Joe Christiansen will be racing with the pros so I am lucky to share this amazing experience with them.

Hope you enjoyed my stories and adventures, i'll check back in soon and let you know how the Fondo went.


Billy Taylor